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After many years of blogging at this site, the Chemistry Department was asked to move this blog onto the SU website.  Please continue to follow us at:


Chemistry and biochemistry majors completing their capstone research and internship courses, meet each week to learn how to write the various sections of their paper and to present journal clubs and their work to their peers.  The group agreed to pose for some senior pictures!

Organic Laboratory

Biochemistry sophomores, Alicia Greene, Becca Moore and Chris Toth were performing the reduction of Vanillin to produce Vanillyl Alcohol.  This experiment allowed students to perform a reaction related to the reduction reactions studied in class.  Melting points and IR spectroscopy were used to identify the product of the reaction.

Chemistry Senior, Amanda Sheroke, is busy this spring.  In addition to finishing her chemistry degree, she is taking graduate forensics classes and is President of the Forensic Science Club.  We don’t know how you do it, Mandi, but we’re very impressed by how well you do everything!

Summer Internship

Chemistry Junior, Tierney Sugrue, will spend this summer working with the Department of Homeland Security Internship Program.  She will be helping in the Trace Detection and Chemical Explosives Department with the Transportation Security Laboratory at the Atlantic City Airport.  This will be a great experience for Tierney who is the BS/MS program in Chemistry/Forensic Science and looks forward to a career in Forensic Science.

Physics Experiment

Everyone enjoys Physics labs.  In this experiment in Dr. Neal Miller’s class, students were studying RC time constants and learning how currents build over capacitors.  Megan Toms, Ava Schein and Ajani Khalfani are shown working in the first picture and Garrett Perau, Kathryn Merrick and Zach Knotts decided to smile for the  second picture.

Sophomore Biochemistry majors, Michele Collingsworth and Nicole Heil, were busy in Organic II Lab with their synthesis of lidocaine, a local anesthetic.  This two week experiment allows students to apply the various techniques they’ve learned all year to maximize the yield of their product.

GreenFest 2014

Each year, SU celebrates our environment with GreenFest.  This year, many student clubs participated, including the American Chemical Society Club.  The club featured a trifold on Green Chemistry (back left in this picture) and allowed students to try various green experiments, including writing with lemon juice and working with environmentally friendly packing materials.

Chemistry Senior, Lizzie Kyte, is currently completing her capstone with Dr. Tim Dwyer, studying the off-target effects of RNA interference.  Lizzie is sharing her excitement for biochemistry research with a local high school student, Lani R. (right), who is interested in biochemistry.

Brittany Cassell (BS Chem ’12, MS Forensic Science ’13) stopped by campus to see everyone one last time before moving to North Carolina.  Brittany is very excited to be starting her career as a forensic scientist!  She will be working as a Forensic Scientist I in Drug Chemistry at the North Carolina Department of Justice State Crime Lab in a couple of weeks.  Best of luck, Brittany!  We know you’ll be great!

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